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Travel Group Leader - Tips and Incentives | Escorted Group Tours

Are you a Group Leader?

Do you have a group traveling together? Are you the one that seems to make all the plans for friends and family to go away together or do you work for a company who wants to set up travel for their employees?  If so, did you know you could earn your trip for free without it costing anyone in your group any money - as a matter of fact it can often save them money and give them additional travel perks?

Group Leaders

Group Leader play an important role in helping us promote tours to potential travelers. Your efforts in marketing and our unique travel products are also a fun and fast way for you to earn extra income and/or vacation privileges. Is there a family reunion coming up? Your Class Reunion? A bridge group or book club? These are perfect opportunities to organize a travel group and make a little money or travel for free.


How many free trips can I earn?

Trips are priced differently, so it depends on the number of people traveling in the group. Normally on escorted tours, you receive 1 free trip earned for each 20 fully paid passengers. You can give the 'free' trips to other passengers who can help you promote the tour or 'sell' the free trip as a fundraiser for your organization, or use it for personal travel. 

If your group is not that big, not to worry, discount begin at 5 travelers or more where you receive at least 5% off the tour price.

On a group cruise, you can normally earn 1 free cabin for every 16 double cabins booked (base cruise fare, port charges & taxes are additional.) On occassion you can earn a free cabin at 1 for 7 or even 1 for 5 with a more upscale cruise line. Other perks on group cruises include onboard spending money, complimentary upgrades, free specialty dinners or other exclusive offers.

For a hotel, again it can vary, but you usually earn 1 free room for every 20 rooms booked.  If you are a bride and groom, often you will get a free room or upgrad when you book your wedding package with the resort.

Call a group travel specialist for a free quote and more details on what you can earn.

What is my primary responsibility as a "Group Leader"?

As a group leader your responsibility is to gather people who will go on the selected cruise or tour. Then you serve as a contact for the group to arrange payments, document delivery addresses, etc. By promoting the tour or cruise you would typically earn your trip for free depending on the amount of people traveling.

We make it easy by handling all incoming reservations, creating a custom website, sending payment reminders and handling all of the accounting.  All you have to do it get the word out about the trip. 

Does everyone know I am traveling for free?

No. The terms of your arrangements are strictly confidential and again it does not cost your traveling companions anything.  They will also benefit from the group ammenities being offered.

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